Devin Johnson's Headshot.

Devin Johnson

Production Assistant at Disney General Entertainment PA Program

Devin Johnson is a production assistant in scripted television. Devin first joined GEI in the fall of 2019. Almost immediately after, she attained her first position in entertainment as an intern at Anonymous Content. From there she continued as a part-time assistant, aiding their top manager, Doug Wald, and assisting Creative Exec, Sahar Kashi. In April 2020, Devin left to focus on her thesis and completed her undergrad in Film and Television production in which she concentrated on the creative entertainment business. She then went on to work for Ron Howard’s Y-simulator startup and Annapurna Pictures. In 2021, Devin was selected by the GEI program for the Disney PA program and that has since launched her career even further. Her hobbies include making music with her friends, learning how to play new instruments, cooking, and exploring different environments.