Access to the entertainment industry

GEI focuses on the following strategic priorities to ensure that participants are getting real experience towards lasting careers within the entertainment industry:

  1. Identify and secure job opportunities within the entertainment industry.
  2. Provide training and community building for all participants.
  3. Create meaningful connections with companies and entertainment industry professionals.
  4. Build mutually-beneficial relationships with pipeline organizations.

As part of these strategic priorities, GEI offers paid internships, entry-level job opportunities, on-set production assistant opportunities, mentorships and education.

Netflix's Original Pitch Workshop
Photograph of five GEI participants at Sundance Film Festival
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GEI recognizes that personal relationships are crucial to advancing in the industry and closing the opportunity gap. Since 2022, GEI participants have been matched with mentors from the entertainment field for one year to expand their network. The mentorship program serves to expose participants to industry professionals and enable them to engage with entertainment leaders to strengthen their professional development, networking and personal growth.

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GEI curates educational experiences for participants, including professional development and soft skills training, career path exploration, panel discussions with entertainment executives, and workshops that refine particular skill sets.

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Entry Level Job Opportunities

GEI helps participants secure entry-level jobs and navigate the professional world once they graduate from college. GEI also provides an optional one-on-one coaching program to assist participants with their career path.

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On-set Production Assistant (PA) Opportunities

GEI partners with productions across the United States and Canada to provide production assistant opportunities to participants in a variety of departments including Art, Assistant Director, Camera, Costume, Editorial, the Production Office, Set Design, and VFX.