Changing careers and changing futures

Through the success of its pilot year, GEI has fundamentally changed not only how our participants approach their career opportunities, but how they see themselves and their futures.

  • Aakash Sharma

    Production and Development Intern at FilmNation

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  • Abraham Herrera's Headshot

    Abraham Herrera

    Freelance Director

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  • AJ Helman

    Trainee on "Spirited"

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  • Alaysha Wallace Headshot

    Alaysha Wallace

    Social Media/PR Intern at AGBO

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  • Alec Xiao

    Assistant at 3 Arts Entertainment

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  • Alexa de la Pena's Headshot

    Alexa de la Peña

    Former GEI On-Set Recruitment & Placements Intern

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  • Alexis Urbina Headshot

    Alexis Urbina

    Intern at Curate Literary Management

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  • Aline Lino Headshot

    Aline Lino

    Assistant Editor at Narrator Inc.

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  • Alixandria Robertson

    Camera Utility at Ming Entertainment

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  • Aljzana Clayton's Headshot

    Aljzana Clayton

    People Coordinator at ALL3A Media

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  • Amir Malekpour's Headshot

    Amir Malekpour

    Academy Gold Alumni

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  • Andrea Roca's Headshot

    Andrea Roca

    Talent Acquisition at NBCUniversal

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  • Angel Salinas' Headshot

    Angel I. Salinas

    Post Production Assistant on Fox/Hulu “The Orville” Season 3

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  • Angel Tagadtad

    VFX Production Assistant at Netflix

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  • Angela Park's Headshot

    Angela Park

    Trainee on "Spirited"

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  • Angelica Placido Headshot

    Angelica Placido

    Set Dresser

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  • Anu Bamidele

    VFX Production Assistant at Netflix

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  • Arnika Rahman's Headshot

    Arnika Rahman

    Administrator at Disney

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  • Ashlynn Thompson

    Motion Pictures Costumers IATSE Local 705 Member

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  • Brian Pham's Headshot

    Brian Pham

    Development Assistant at Done + Dusted

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  • Candice Griego's Headshot

    Candice Griego

    Wardrobe Department at Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

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  • Carla Hernandez's Headshot

    Carla Hernandez

    Winnipeg Production Coordinator

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  • Chelsea Rene Headshot

    Chelsea René

    Assistant at Narrator Inc.

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  • Ciara Ray's Headshot

    Ciara Ray

    Office Production Assistant

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  • Claudia Montano-Lobe Headshot

    Claudia Montano-Lobe

    Props and Special Effects - IATSE 488

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  • Curtis Jones

    Curtis Jones

    Production Assistant

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  • Daniel Rivas's headshot

    Daniel Rivas

    Coordinator, Enterprise Inclusion & Social Responsibility at Banijay Americas

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  • David Lu Headshot

    David Lu

    Production Assistant

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  • David Verba Headshot

    David Verba

    Casting Intern with All3Media

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  • Devin Johnson's Headshot.

    Devin Johnson

    Production Assistant at Disney General Entertainment PA Program

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  • Diana Balbuena Headshot

    Diana Balbuena

    GEI Recruitments & Placements Intern

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  • Diana Garcia

    Production Assistant

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  • Diego Obregon's headshot

    Diego Obregon

    Motion Picture Literary Assistant at Paradigm Talent Agency

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  • Edith Jimenez's Headshot

    Edith Jimenez

    Production Assistant on ABC’s “Black-Ish” Season 8

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  • Erin Collin's headshot

    Erin Collins

    Department Assistant at Netflix

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  • Esmeralda Fernandez's

    Esmeralda Fernandez

    Assistant Editor at Narrator Inc.

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  • Genesis Gil's Headshot

    Genesis Gil

    Streaming Services and Video Ops Coordinator at Viacom/CBS

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  • Guadalupe Lazaro's Headshot

    Guadalupe Lazaro

    Graduate Student at USC Annenberg

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  • Haben Araya's Headshot

    Haben Araya

    Production Assistant at Marvel Studios Animation

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  • Jackelyn Santiago's Headshot

    Jackelyn Santiago

    Freelance Production Assistant at 44 Blue Productions

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  • Jackie Martinez's Headshot

    Jackie Martinez

    Corporate Social Responsibility at The Walt Disney Company

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  • Jennie Ekpa's headshot

    Jennie Ekpa

    International Programming and Development Assistant at AMC Networks

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  • Jennifer Morgan's headshot

    Jennifer Morgan

    Development Assistant at Ubisoft Film and Television

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  • Jessica Lebron Headshot

    Jessica LeBron

    Development Intern at Maximum Effort

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  • Jesus Garcia

    Jesus Garcia

    Post-Production Assistant at AGBO

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  • Joanne Yue's Headshot

    Joanne Yue

    Physical Production at Lionsgate TV

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  • Jocelyn Ramirez's Headshot

    Jocelyn Ramirez

    Animation Production at Nickelodeon

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  • John Silvan Dayot's Headshot

    John Silvan Dayot

    Intern at Rideback Ranch

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  • Julia Perez Chavez's headshot

    Juliá Perez-Chavez

    Freelance Photographer

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  • Julie Phan's Headshot

    Julie Phan

    Art PA on Freeform's "Good Trouble" Season 4

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  • Kaylin Reed's Headshot

    Kaylin Reed

    Production Assistant on Paramount+ "The Good Fight"

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  • Keenan Kimetto's headshot

    Keenan Kimetto

    Camera Utility - International Cinematographers Guild

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  • Kevin Chin's Headshot

    Kevin Chin

    Accounting Assistant at Narrator Inc.

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  • Kiara Gonzalez's headshot

    Kiara González Durán

    International Scripted Television Assistant at Creative Artists Agency

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  • Kimberly Vanegas Headshot

    Kimberly Vanegas

    Production Coordinator at Nickelodeon Studios

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  • Layla Keyes-Renaud's Headshot

    Layla Keyes-Renaud

    Trainee on “The Adam Project”

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  • Leslie Montoya's Headshot

    Leslie Montoya

    Intern at MPRM Communications

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  • Loni LeBlanc's Headshot

    Loni LeBlanc

    Trainee on "The Adam Project"

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  • Lourdes Illingworth's headshot

    Lourdes Illingworth

    Project Coordinator at We Are Suma

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  • Mahelet Gezachew

    Creative Executive at ARRAY

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  • Maria Luisa Ballon's Headshot

    Maria Luisa Ballon

    Motion Designer at Narrator Inc.

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  • Matt Bui Headshot

    Matt Bui

    Assistant to EVP & SVP of International TV Distribution at MGM Studios

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  • Melissa Fairclough's headshot

    Melissa Fairclough

    Wardrobe Background Coordinator on Apple TV+'s "Jubilee"

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  • Michael James Nuells's headshot

    Michael James Nuells

    Production Assistant on “Mayans M.C.”

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  • Milan Kinnemore's headshot

    Milan Kinnemore

    Intern at Disney

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  • Montserrat Ruiz's Headshot

    Montserrat Ruiz


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  • Nalini Jones's headshot

    Nalini Jones

    Charitable Partnerships Coordinator at Music Forward Foundation

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  • Neyom Friday

    Neyom Friday

    Scanner Technician at Annapurna Pictures

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  • Nicole Yim's headshot

    Nicole Yim

    Foundation Department Assistant at Creative Artists Agency

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  • Nish Joshi's Headshot

    Nish Joshi

    Production Assistant on Winnipeg Production

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  • Niya Butler sits on a director's chair and smiles.

    Niya Butler

    NBCUniversal West Coast Page

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  • Nuha Elidrissi's headshot

    Nuha Elidrissi

    Production Designer for Radio Canada’s “La Base”

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  • Obinne Onyeador Headshot

    Obinne Onyeador

    Current Programming Coordinator at ALL3A Media

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  • Olympia Okonmah's headshot

    Olympia Okonmah

    Director/AD Team Trainee on Netflix's "The Adam Project"

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  • Parveen Kang's headshot

    Parveen Kang

    Festival Coordinator for Canadian Film "Wildhood"

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  • Randall Praylow's Headshot

    Randall Praylow

    Production Assistant on "LEGO Masters"

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  • Ruben Garcia Headshot

    Ruben Garcia

    Production Assistant on FX’s “Mayans M.C.” Season 4

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  • Samantha De La Torre Headshot

    Samantha De La Torre

    Junior Social Media Manager for Pa'lante! HBOMax

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  • Sebastian Meza's Headshot

    Sebastian Meza

    Junior Editor at Narrator Inc.

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  • Sydni Gift's headshot

    Sydni Gift

    Intern in Series and Talent Development at CNN

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  • Sylvia Moreno's headshot

    Sylvia Moreno

    Associate Recruiter at Warner Media

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  • Taylor Lewis's Headshot

    Taylor Lewis

    Editorial PA on Netflix's "Rebel Moon"

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  • Tiana Perez's Headshot

    Tiana Perez

    Production Assistant at AGBO

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  • Tinsae Yimer

    Intern at Creature Films

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  • Yasmeen El-Nagar

    Art Dept Production Assistant for Netflix

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