Angel Salinas' Headshot

Angel I. Salinas

Post Production Assistant on Fox/Hulu “The Orville” Season 3

Angel I. Salinas is a first-generation, Chicano filmmaker from Southeast Los Angeles with a B.A. in Media Theory and Criticism. Through Group Effort Initiative, Salinas landed internships at companies like Wise Entertainment, Rideback, and WME and was also one of five GEI participants selected to attend the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. Recently, Salinas was placed in the 2020-2021 Disney PA Program through GEI, where he ended up being hired as a Post Production Assistant on Season 3 of Fox/Hulu’s “The Orville”. His short term career goals are to be hired as support staff in a writer’s room, or be staffed and writing episodes of television alongside his writing partner, Sarah Neal Aviles. His long term career goals are showrunning his own shows, writing and directing feature films, and traveling the world.