AJ Helman

Trainee on "Spirited"

AJ Helman was selected as a Boston trainee for production on the movie musical, “Spirited.” Though they had prior experience on student films in college, this was their first professional set. Initially, AJ secured an office role in Set Decoration, but GEI helped in getting them transferred to an on-set position that aligned better with their long-term goals of being a director. In their new role, AJ worked as a Set PA in the AD department, mostly working with sound, first team, and second team to relay information as necessary. AJ’s background in musical theater made this opportunity even more exciting for them, as they had the privilege of watching and learning from Broadway songwriters and actors. After filming wrapped, AJ was offered a full-time position at a local theater, and they are also a day player for other feature films currently filming in the Boston area. GEI gave them the connections, confidence, and growth they needed to jumpstart their career in the entertainment industry.