Layla Keyes-Renaud's Headshot

Layla Keyes-Renaud

Trainee on “The Adam Project”

Layla Keyes-Renaud first joined GEI as a trainee for “The Adam Project.” She initially began in the paint/construction department and loved the rewarding work and connections she was able to make within that department. However, due to finishing her last round of Chemo only a couple months prior, she found this particular department to be slightly toxic and difficult physically. She then reached out to a Mr. Dean Eilertson, the Property Master on “The Adam Project,” and was fortunate enough to have him take her on as a trainee. While under his watchful eye and plethora of experience, Layla was able to adapt and learn more than she expected in her short time with him. He was extremely helpful, full of engaging feedback and advice on career moves. She remembers beginning on-set and being slightly terrified, yet also optimistic of what lay ahead. Though it was uncharted territory, she made some lasting memories and connections that only furthered her confidence in the cinematic field. Though Layla wants to pursue more work in the future, COVID restrictions have caused delays in her journey in the film industry, but she hopes opportunities like this continue to exist for future GEI participants as they transition into the industry.