Julia Perez Chavez's headshot

Juliá Perez-Chavez

Freelance Photographer

Juliá Perez-Chavez received her Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema and Television Directing from Columbia College Hollywood. After graduation, she utilized the resources she gained from GEI and networked throughout her small town. Although opportunities initially appeared limited, she exceeded her own expectations. Thus far, she has directed and created videos aimed at Hispanic and Latinx communities for the County Public Health Office, filmed a campaign for a District Representative, and collaborated with an outreach program to amplify their voices through videos, all while staying true to her Mexican-American heritage. A fan of telling real-life stories, Julia has created a documentary with her family and shot a music video over the last year. Being a GEI participant has helped her gain experience and confidence in the entertainment industry. Her passion as a storyteller has kept her driven and motivated to keep on creating, and she thanks GEI for all the support and experience.