Alexa de la Pena's Headshot

Alexa de la Peña

Former GEI On-Set Recruitment & Placements Intern

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Alexa de la Peña recently graduated from UCLA with her Bachelor’s in Communications. With the help of Group Effort Initiative (GEI), she was given the opportunity to be a research intern at the Latino Donor Collaborative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to confronting negative stereotypes of Latinx in film/television. With this experience, she understands the importance of diversity in entertainment and wants to continue to advocate for more and better representation. She also interned at Writ-Large, a literary management company, where she did script coverage and was also the On-Set Recruitment & Placements intern for GEI, through which she had the opportunity to work with LA Collab, a group aiming to accelerate Latinx visibility in entertainment. After studying acting and film at UCLA, Alexa is currently pursuing her passion in theatre and is dedicating her time to her onstage performances. In the future, she hopes to be put in a position where she can help push for more representation and help creative voices be heard. She is extremely grateful for GEI for providing opportunities to learn and grow.